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“ Jay Adams, Skateboard World magazine 1978.
”westside-historic: “Vintage Santa Monica Airlines Team Pain sticker from the mid ‘80s. ”westside-historic: “ G.B.H., The Effigies, and SS Decontrol at the Santa Monica Civic on Aug 6th, 1983. Source: ”westside-historic:
“ Classic Rip City Skates shirt from the early ‘80s.
”garadinervi:<br /> “Robert Brownjohn, Machito & His Orchestra: Si-Si, No-No, Tico Records, 1957<br /> ”Image result for ftw stickerImage result for ftw stickerGorgeous any which you look at them…No Dickheads StickerNo Rats StickerNo Fat Chicks Stickersoundsof71:<br /> “T. Rex, sheet music for “Get It On (Bang A Gong)” from Electric Warrior, September 24, 1971.<br /> ”westside-historic: “ Stacy Peralta getting really high in the pipe. From the Desert Discovery article in the July, 1977 issue of Skateboarder Magazine. Source: ”westside-historic: “ Vintage Excel wizard sticker from 1987. Venice crossover thrash. Artwork by Ric Clayton. Courtesy of venicedan1313 ”klappersacks: “ 1960s Halloween Skull Lantern by halloween_guy on Flickr. ”skatedestroyshit: “ Agression ”westside-historic: “ tijuanashortfuse: Venice legend, RxCx Ric Clayton, one of the true pioneers of legitimizing graffiti art. ”