This is radical @john.langton.5454🌐via @AuretaI’d like to tattoo this design.. if you’d like to get it. Please email or dm me to set up an appointmentLike a dream... I got time to tattoo you. 👉 BERLIN-always
NYC- June 15,16,17 @str33tfever 🆒

#fortuneteller#heroisch#likeadreamberlin#tattoo#klubHappy Monday folks 😊. #NoHOURS #Hours #happymonday #killingmesoftly #art #illustration #designHappy 50th @tonyhawk 🎂🍻 L-I-V-I-N 🍻saved by magic
👁25/26 maggio @inkamatic_tattoo_shop TriesteImage result for boulders apartments sitemap walnut creekI have tons of new designs available.. email or come by @highseastattooparlor to make an appointmentI like @troyelmore ‘s panhead.It takes all shapes and sizes to ride with freedom and expression, and this was the stash @knostthankyou, @craig__anderson, @bobbersandsinkers, @bryce__young, @bangbangboogie, & @ozzywrong brought with them during the making of a new film by @thomascampbellart. Get ready for ten days at sea with six of surfing’s most compelling experimentalists. Link in bio☝️📸: @grantellis1 SW 397: Indo EditionRat tat for Nathan. That’s mate!Reprint of ‘Satan Take The Bars Volume 2’ by @burritobreath now up for pre order. www.death-co.comfücker CHOPPER festEndless enjoyment potential. Photo: @thunderbombsurfcampvia @AuretaNick from @dragonwolfpress graciously bestowed the latest issue of his magazine to me while in Australia. It’s a really thoughtful chopper mag. Nice write ups, photos and layouts. Totally refreshing. Go give them a look. Thank you! #dragonwolfpress #choppermag #aussiechopper #straya #choppersdownunder

Instagram PhotosArtwork Of The Revolution: FTWTreat me good, I'll treat you better, treat me bad and I'll treat you worse.Instagram PhotosWelcome to 1993🔥 @_breakfree_  goes Upstream at EMB for the Deadly Wrong Way “Cardiollie” from his BigBrother interview. Check out @transworldskate to hear how it went down from John! Stay Sick! @blacklabelskates #blacklabelskateboards #30yearsofblacklabelskates #curbsandcoping 📸 @tobinyellandphotoPlease forgive me for the neglect 🙏🏻 #shovelheadsforeverandeverSURF, new flash 2018. All available for your skin. Come by Like A Dream WUNDER KAMMER and Tattoo Klub to see the rest! (more pics to come soon @studiolikeadream !)
OR catch me in NYC JUNE 15,16,17 at the world famous Street Fever @str33tfever !! Good times are here again!! 👉 for booking- pls specify BERLIN or NYC 
#surf #hotairbaloon #slushee #berlin #nyc #tattoo #ussa #novelty #wunderkammer #tattooklubInstagram PhotosFun project where I drew a McGruff the Crime Dog for @esposartworld grab it quick , shirt worn by jakey b of @deli_n_grocery 👈follow

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Apollo 1 crew practicing a water landing in 1966. All three astronauts were later killed on the launch pad in a fire in 1967.