Also some new kaiju goodness coming soon by and drawn by me just in time for @monsterpaloozaofficial some color changes too #liverad #liveradstudios #tf #thomasfernandezThank you Otho, Melody, Josh, Megan, and Dennis for making this a fun Thursday YOU GUYS ARE THE SHIT!!!!unused from an upcoming thing with  @5boronyc ❤️❤️❤️Just A Little North Of LA Right After The Rain. 
2019 #magdalenawosinska @brookpower 💚April 10th-14th @martletttattoo 
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R.I.P. DICK DALE#megagoodtimes #megagoodtimesarmy #overthehill #newtricks #walkinthepark #humpday #wednesday #iamarock@liberty_tattoo_seattleELLIS ON TOUR 
Australian Film/Book tour of @ontheedgeofadream_ 
Presented by @andrewkidman and @ellisericson 
Thursday 21st March United Cinemas , Collaroy
Friday 22nd March @thefalconnewcastle
‪Saturday 23rd March - ‬@finbox Thirroul 
Sunday 24th March - @goldenagecinema ‪
Friday 29th March @thebyronschoolofart‬
Screening + Barry Mcgee art show
Saturday 30th March - @thebyronschoolofart 
Screening + Barry Mcgee art show
Friday 5th April - @thesurfboardstudio Melb
Saturday 6th April - @shyama_designs Bells Beach
Wednesday April 10th - @theendbar ‬ ‪‪
Thursday April 11th - Kingscliffe Beach Hotel ‬—>> tix @ontheedgeofadream_ bio ‪Proudly presented by @rvca_ausnz ‬
Pic : Andrew kidmanHave a most ferocious Monday. Eye of the gorf.@pixar#dtristmanillos 8”x10” , hand painted panel. 🌹💀👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♂️🐶The man the board

“I gave my life to skateboarding, you know? I fucked up.” – Jake Phelps


Jake Phelps, skateboarding legend and editor of Thrasher has died. ... “Jake Phelps was 100% skateboarder, but that label sells him way too short, because beyond his enormous influence in our world, he was truly an individual beyond this world,” Vitello wrote. Phelps cause of death is yet to be confirmed.

Getting old? Well, the older you get, hopefully the better you get at being yourself. Injuries, life, setbacks and triumphs – they all happen around you. When I was 24 I thought 27 was the end. At 27 it became 33. At 33 I knew at 40 it was done. Then you hit 50 and, well, you’re in the back of a pickup in nowhere Mexico with some melon pickers that don’t speak a lick of English sharing a bottle of Mescal at 7am. Looking back takes guts; looking forward is insanity. Skateboarding was all I ever wanted and I gave unselfishly.

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You just gotta keep skating if that’s what you wanna do, but if you don’t, don’t kid yourself, get out, go do something else, and if it gets too scary for ya, you were never meant to skate in the first place
—  Jake Phelps

#megagoodtimes #megagoodtimesordie #megagoodtimesportal #scenicviews #remotelands #stardust #graphics #highI’m heartbroken. Jake was like an older brother, father , and friend to me. He is the most die hard skateboarder ever. He helped raise me. I’ve seen his sweetest side, and his kindest heart. My mom just left, both of us in tears, reminiscing about our days spent with him. I’m someone that usually is not at a loss for words, but I truly am right now. #pinestreetmobimage#megagoodtimes #megagoodtimesordie #levelup #gears #shiftin #motocross #bikesGonz @blindskate reissue@surfriderausMmmmhmmmOHIO!
Working 3/30
@crying_heart_tattoo• Mr. Flash Design • Colors by: Unknown •
• This piece hung on the shop walls owned by Greg May. Lake Geneva, WI.
• 2nd photo is from Rollos sales ledger, 1987.🗯🗯🗯 soon.Words to live by for @jimmy_mjd151020 / Derrick Snodgrass / Los Angeles / @oblivioussurroundings ⁣⠀
#harleydavidson #shovelhead #chopper⁣⠀
#godspeed4506 #cicerodeguzmanjr⁣⠀There's over 100 million tons of plastic in the ocean, have a nice day. 👉


Twin fin dreaming with @joelfitz_boards ⁣
These Classic Twins are available online in our new glass-on page, dedicated to giving you some different options for your next custom board. ⁣
#joelfitzgeraldsurfboards #alkalifins #twinfin #twinfinfever #sunburst #lennoxhead⛓ Shirt design for the homey @juliacampione ‘s new studio in Chicago. Thanks again! ⛓To the place I belong...Early Spaulding production flash from our collection. #tattoohistoryGoodbye, ciao, tot ziens!A sheet from our collection that I believe was painted by Ned Resinol early on in his career. Possibly during his time in Chicago. #tattoohistory #nedresinol #traditionaltattoos #americanatattoosImage result for boy howdy the story of creem magazine#FROMTHEPEOPLEWHOBROUGHTYOU #TAKEAHIKE #ARE #NOW #BRINGINGYOU #TAKEABIKE170325 / Nick DePaolo / Austin / @obrohno⁣⠀
#harleydavidson #shovelhead #chopper⁣⠀
#godspeed4506 #cicerodeguzmanjrMt. Bromo is an active volcano in Indonesia, and sits in the middle of a plain called the PAWNSHOP Skate Rat in Multiple Stains 8 • 8.25 • 8.5 • 8.75 in at the SHOP and Online #covinaskateboarding #SGV #flatbarfriday #pawnshopskateco#humpdayso you wanna be a bad ass?#makeitgofast. Want to see a camper or RTT on your vehicle? Read on.  ⁣
First off, guidelines. Take a photo of your vehicle dead on from the side. Check out the above shots for good examples. ⁣
You can post a photo with the hashtag #makeitgofast. We will monitor that hashtag and turn those around for you at our earliest convenience. ⁣
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Hopefully you guys are having fun with this, because it’s been a good time making the edits. ⁣
Tag a friend who needs a go fast photoshopped on their rig.2 Soft 2 Cute⬅️Scroll left to see Chris Lindig's art work for our upcoming T-Shirts and mesh hats!⬅️
Brrrrrrrrr!!!! It’s cold out there folks... while I’m over here carving out the next big thing for the Overdrive my frozen mind meat can’t wait for summer time!!! And with the new weird planet going through hot flashes we can expect some nice guilt ridden warm days ahead.
To commemorate our new DUAL CARB KNUCKLEHEAD exchange program I knew the ONLY choice was to go DEEP into Oakland and locate Chris Lindig at the 666 lair.
I been knowin this fool for a minute and we been in some heavy heavy. We’re gonna run some shirts and fresh mesh hats that fit right and look good just in time for bikini season. You can’t bring your bike in the club but you can run the uniform and let everybody know you are part of the SOLUTION. The faster we burn all this gas the faster we get to summertime all year long! #VHODbeachhouse #peniscousins #jboy #chrislindig #RIPearnie #weightbenchAcrobatic surfing with @cocom4debarrelkilla and @sheldoggydoor 
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