My new gas station bathroom graffiti moniker.The Henny got him bent.@punksgitcut mahalo for making this. Prints may be still available at @subliminalprojects.🍆☔️Painting I made for the @stillnotaskingforit_flashevent art auction. Swipe for more info👉‘WAR ZONE’ ~ @irvine69 

ImageImageImageBlockBlockSelf portrait by Bob Hanson from the Lost Love Vol2 book. #tattoohistory #lostlove2Stay the rest of the nightSunday school .. poached from @uncle_steinSights from last night.
#ftwco #chvrchNOAnew shop patch available now on the website or at the shop this coming tuesday.Ring *Sold* Authentic Hand-Engraved Vietnam War Zippo with brass peace ring from the same owner. Back of Zippo is also personalized with original owners name “Reb”
 Ring is a size 6. ✌️
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DM for buying & inquires🎱Let’s go get margaritas @leewietwenty birds that need a home 11x14 new original painting made with love, patience and compassionLittle colour study, thinking it might be fun drawing more little loose characters with ambiguous contexts......... I’d love to tattoo more things like this so send me your ideas to draw/get tattooed or pick whatever you like the look of. ✌🏽🌊🏄‍♀️💊🍦🦄Fully healed flaming cobra for @bigcitydickhead started and completed @lovetattooparlour ❤️Skate the Nam
“A Marine Private tries out a skateboard sent from home. Soldiers behind the lines often had a lot of downtime. (Sgt.Licciardi/US Marine Corp/National Archives)”
Regram from @nam_war_buff
Thx to @wolfspiritreborn for bringing this to our attention 🤙🏼
#tsptr #vietnamwar #usmc #marinecorp #erdl #camo #skateboarding #skate #goodvibes@tfunkb BS Boneless advert in @thrashermag 🔥🔥🔥
Photo @rhino 🦏 
@dcshoes @spitfirewheels @bakerskateboardssex on fire #sidviciousLaurie Fetram, Greenhills, 1964.⠀
"This photo was taken close to the northern end of Cronulla Beach," says photographer Bob Weeks. "Although it was a long trek from the car park over high sand hills with heavy 60s longboards, Greenhills was popular in the summer because the incessant nor'easters blew offshore."Everything in the ‘80s screamed New Wave aesthetics. The colors, the styles, the vibe. Early Astrodeck traction pads had designs that included checkers, dots, diamonds, skulls, bat wings, etc. But make no mistake: these fun styles never diminished Astrodeck's core sensibility, and so while lesser-quality traction pad companies still insist on fashion over function, Astrodeck is and always will be all about function over fashion! 
#astrodeck #theoriginator #since1976 #tractionpads #frontfoot #45degreetovert #style #fun #functionoverfashion #wavewarriors #adrenalinesurfseries #thethrillisback #sideslipboogie #surffilm #surfhistory #arrowmaker #fletcherdna #herbiefletcher #dibifletcher #newwave #80s #fbf #friday @herbiefletcher @dibifletcher @wavewarriors @fletcherdnaBlack Friday, 2014, at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Dana Quinn, hoping for a discount.⠀
Photograph by Matt Lusk (@mattlusk).Image