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#madmindsBELOVED #MADMINDS• John Wesley Harden •Skull Skates Unfuck the World t-shirt.
Back by popular demand.
Sizes S, M, L, XL. 
Black w/ white print. 
100% cotton. 

If your not part of the solution, your part of the problem. 
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VHOD DUAL CARB KNUCKLEHEAD SERVICE work by Chris Lindig #VARDHALLAOVERDRIVEmericaTattoos available and happening @greenpointtattoocoHappy birthday Rowan! 🦝❤️🍻 @hotelrwandaf#blastover for Terry ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••🚬4/6 Aprile @redcouchtattoo MILANO👀
🚬14 May @glorybound_tt_antwerp ANTWERP-Belgium 🚬15/16 May @tattoo.peter.museum1955 AMSTERDAM-Holland
🚬15/16 Giugno @inchiostroemarinai Sestri Levante(Ge)Tattoo Flash.
👁4/6 Aprile @redcouchtattoo Milano
👁15/17 Aprile @lvbtattoo Arezzo
👁14 May @glorybound_tt_antwerp Antwerp- Belgium
👁15/16 May @tattoo_peter_since1955 @tattoo.peter.museum1955 Amsterdam-Holland
👁15/16 Giugno @inchiostroemarinai Sestri Levante(Ge)While a dreamy tube shot evokes a longing and emotional response, a different vantage point of a mountainous peak allows us to appreciate the comfort of our living room sofas. Photo by @derekdunfee#tbt Culver City Ditch 87  @ojwheels 🍊 📸 @cbkatzImage result for BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE@phileverhard  open space Sunday for walk-ins💣💥Few heat transfert decks just arrived today 💥💣 limited quantities... #jasonlee #rudyjohnson #markgonzales #blindskateboards #blindheritage  #skatetilldeathMarty McFlag #blackflag #henryrollins @henryandheidiReposted from @jenkemmag -  90s skaters, board collectors & old farts rejoice! New Deal is back ( and reissuing their OG boards and shapes. Known for being an original skater owned brand in the 90s and turning @ed.templeton pro, starting Giant distribution (which housed @elementbrand & @411videomagazine among others) and artwork by @andyhowell43. This is the original logo drawn with crayons at a restaurant. More info & Dad nerdery on Jenkem. - #skatetilldeathReposted from @andyhowell43 - (Cont’d) ... I was buzzing in that mode of creating something new, and I looked around the room at everyone. I could feel a general excitement mixed with a little nervousness about the prospect of leaving the evil beast to start our own thing. 
Then we all agreed together, “Lets do this. New Deal has officially started,” and from that moment, we all rode for The New Deal. 
It was one of the most empowering moments of my life. I felt totally in control, writing my own story, together with Paul and Steve and my friends on the team. Feeling like were finally let out of the stale Vision corporate vice, we laid down one main guiding principle: Each skater will have control over his own image, to the extent that he wants it, including board graphics, ads, stickers, et al. In that room New Deal was already coming to life.

I started blurting out things like “If we’re in control, then everything needs to be made by us, not corporate graphic designers, but by kids. I started sketching ideas for logos on a napkin with a pen from the room, but was thinking the logo sketches looked way too clean. 
I needed supplies, and I guess Ed and Deanna had a car, so I left with them to go get some drinks and snacks at the grocery store. While I was there I went into the school kids section, and got a ring sketch pad and a box of crayons. We went back to the hotel and I started to sketch out the first version of the logo with black and red crayons. I was really into black and red at the time. Ed still has the first one I drew, which I changed only slightly to get to the final logo that we used in the ads, boards, stickers, and tees for launch a few months later. 
The biggest change since that first night came when I added a bright process yellow color to create the theme in order to make the black and white ads stand out for cheap. 
But that’s another story... #newdealskateboards #thankyouskateboarding #skatetilldeath