@b3n_z0mbie Blesses this NYC kinker w/ an over the top 5050. See more from Ben, @berlehaggard, Aidan Mackey, & @hotelrwanda in @williamstrobeck’s latest opus for @supremenewyork by downloading “Blessed” on an @itunes near you. For B & W options of your favorite Vans hit a preferred skate shop or go to vans.com/skate (Link in story). . 📷: @mmmsherbertZeis production sheet from our collection. I believe these designs were originally done by Grimshaw. #tattoohistory8.5x11 $175💀💨Since we’re all back at work today. Here’s some FXRTs to look at to keep you motivated till Friday. #fxrt #fxrtfairing #bornfree2018 #mondaymotivationButtons in a Rip Curl ad, holding the similar style board he was riding in the Malibu surf footage posted a while back. I believeyou know who you are #sketchbookThe original Roach Broach from Fartco (aka The Cockbroach). Made exclusively for our trip the to the @mooneyesjp Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show. Very limited supplies. Disgust everyone around you after pinning this little guy to your jacket!!! #fartco #roachbroach #cockbroach #hrcs2018 #lapelpinThree older signs posted today that narrate my opinions toward unfolding news.Image result for BLACK angels passoverPlease do not...@DEATHTRAITORS X @MUDDGUTS SCARVES! VERY warm... Tap the pic to buy or visit www.muddguts.shop (link in profile))@liberty_tattoo_seattle11”x14” ready for tattooing“WITH BLEEDING INSIDE THE HEAD THERE IS A METALLIC TASTE AT THE BACK OF THE THROAT” -Jenny Holzer #BALLPOINT #RUBBER #XPRESSWeirdo stuff I still wanna do. Goodnight! 👉notimeswan@gmail.com if you’d like to come@by @tattoo_like_a_dreamalways stoked to work with @foundationskateboards and these freakshow boards were a fuckin blast. Happy to hear they’re being spotted in the wildThat one time we showed up unannounced 😀 Never knew the house was maroon just black and white