It’s not Man’s Ruin it’s all cool stufflet's keep it classy, ok?  #inktober2018#everydaystruggle 🕊Trust the crust @aiden_caruth frontside pivot#megagoodtimes #pieceofcake #fuckartletseatcake #happybirthday #sliceoflife #abstract #weirdbutt #🍰#megagoodtimes #route66So stoked to have my old Knucklehead back from London. Thank you so much crew for asking me to be a part of such a cool experience. Now we’re ready to lay down some miles together ❤️Stacks alongside @mark__crossThis bike came out really awesome i love it. @thejustindee resurrected it and had me match a tank. I am just coming out of painting everything I had backed up. I’m so sorry if I have not responded to any emails these past months. I will get in touch to see if you are still interested when I am done. Thanks so much #technologyboycott#megagoodtimes #vannin #temple #sanctuary #homesweethome #vanboogie #middleeasternpromise #vanworldHappy Birthday @raven.tershy .. throwback to a weekend in the Bay Area last year🔥New flash🔥 SUBJECT LINE new flash 🙏🏻 booking is closed for 2018 but if your keen on the  newer flash email me, thanks!Unite and say “FUCK THIS! New design for @4q69 Conditioning.New week, new month, same shit. It's a celebration!#dempipes #cruzwellGot a couple spots left @greenpointtattooco 
Oct 25/26
Booking@jacobdes.comPainted on Live to Ride-UK center folder from the 90’s
⚙️9/10 @tattoo.army_studio Savigliano
⚙️1/3 novembre @binzuru7 Faenza
⚙️16/17 novembre @blueport_tattoo Genova@beechbrandImage of Novelty TeeTaking walk-ins and outs @liberty_tattoo_seattle #queenanne today with @data81 & @aregularguyI’m on a break patch! $8 shippedbalsa wood was the core of most n almost all boards in 1957