furtho: “Weegee’s Audience Watching House On Haunted Hill, 1959 (via here) ”Got only a small handful of these t-shirts left in the store. www.perryshall.com/storeappbob:<br /><br />
“ 昭和な壁紙 - 壁紙@ふたば<br /><br />
”femmevoid:<br /><br />
“ ghostphotographs:<br /><br />
“ “Welding Mask” ode to Slavic blacksmith deity<br /><br />
”<br /><br />
this is so beautiful<br /><br />
”PRE-ORDER IS NOW UP AT: www.perryshall.com/store Okay, you asked for it!<br /><br />
Thanks to @jasonkillinger and @nightowlsprint this shirt is becoming a reality so I’d like to share the story behind it with you if you have a moment…<br /><br />
I was at the closing for...Hey guys, this is Lil Angry Man. Everybody has one of these living inside them. Love him as if he was your own Lil Angry Man.garbage-pail-kid:<br /><br />
“ BUGGY BETTY-1985<br /><br />

danskjavlarna:<br /><br />
“ From Fliegende Blätter, 1934.<br /><br />
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themaninthegreenshirt: ““I can control the weather with my moods. I just can’t control my moods.” Nick Cave ”

adarchives: “The Face - August 1992 Contributor - Superimpose Studio ”

4gifs: “There was an attempt. [full video] ” Me and my goals for 2017.

vjeranski:<br /><br />
“ Maanantai Collective<br /><br />
24 X 31 CM<br /><br />
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“ Antoine Bruy. La Montagne Noir<br /><br />
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”Image of BROTHERHOOD T SHIRTperryshall:<br /><br />
“COWABONGA DUDE<br /><br />
”<br /><br />
Earth day was liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.<br /><br />
Yo bro, earth day was lit!


secret-tape:<br /><br />
“ Grant Taylor’s frontside air to branch smash from Nike SB’s<br /><br />
“GT Blazer Low video” ”


perryshall:<br /><br />
“ really busy making thought provoking art here tonight you guys.<br /><br />


generally-unimpressed: “ moss-girl: “ Massive sinkhole swallows house in Florida ” my depression consuming me lol ”duckcity: “ hvlth-gxth: “ Mecha-Lincoln has been programmed to know sorrow. ” ”The back of my Obituary shirt.Perry Shall around age 13. I’d steal “It’s A Girl” cigars (which had been 10 years old by then, from when my sister was born) from my dad. My friends and I would walk a few blocks away to smoke them under a tree where cars driving by couldn’t see us....

This Lovecraftian monstrosity may look like an amalgam of dying octopuses, but it’s actually a single creature called a Basket Star, a type of deep sea brittle star. They can reach up to 11 pounds in weight and 70 cm in length!ambient-heart: “ hunter-sundown: “ scientificphilosopher: “This Lovecraftian monstrosity may look like an amalgam of dying octopuses, but it’s actually a single creature called a Basket Star, a type of deep sea brittle star. They can reach up to 11...Image result for white square



cartasparamoi:<br /><br />
“Pierrot de Fou<br /><br />
”ohscience:<br /><br />
“ spinal nerve distribution<br /><br />
”nirvananews:<br /><br />
“ Kurt Cobain’s first smashed guitar from the Evergreen State College, 1988.<br /><br />
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30yearsandcounting: “I wish Black Flag would’ve played at my high school. ”


nemfrog: “Dummies in spacesuits used to test weightlessness. National Geographic. August 1955. ”How many of these hats should I get made? I’m thinking one million.HEY CALIFORNIA FRIENDS. I’ll be in SF on the 29th of this month and LA on the 30th seeing @ModernBaseball & Descendents. Please say hi because it’s going to be a quick visit!

70sscifiart: “Hajime Sorayama ”