Ramon Felix…astromech-punk:
“Sean Young’s polaroids from the set of Blade Runner
“Elocos Chivo x Pajaro x Pelon x Chavo x Paco SOTEL 13 W x L x A  1978
“Nick Cave

Job Stevens my fav. local surfer/skater as a kid and today…

River Barrel…sleazoidexpress:
“Russian prison tattoos
“ Skate Rock: Mexico Part 1
“R.I.P. Chuck Berry
“ Lenticular buttons for the band Devo.
“Decorated rocket tubes.
“Decorated rocket tubes.
“ tijuanashortfuse:
“Today was Jay’s Bday. We still remember brotha.
100% Skateboarder for life.
“Leslie West (Mountain)
“GG Allin, 1983.
“Boris - Huge