Cold days  #bicpen2019 - We are really in the future now! Thank you all for making last year so spectacular. We have some great things coming this year, stay tuned 📺 #hwyhwyhwyFrom our current issue:⠀
"Portfolio: Group Show"⠀
Selected image: Seventeen-year-old Zack Flores (@zack_floress) from Leucadia, California at Rocky Point on a hand-shaped single-fin. "I flew him over to Hawaii the day after Christmas to shoot," says Laserwolf (@laserwolf.laserwolf). "The kid blew my mind. There's so much variety and flavor in his surfing."⠀
Hit the link in our bio to see more compelling surf visuals in print.Image result for cypress tree“NEVER GIVE UP” - 2019 #brothersmarshallIt’s #MannMonday ⚡️and it’s still snowing! - Tim @doomcycle #davidmann #easyridersmagazine #chopperart #bikerart #motorcycleart #bikers #oldbikebarnTo new and better years ahead ......bicpen collage on plain ass printer paper  #bicpen#betterdaysWho's down for a good caption contest? Best caption for this XS650 gone wild photo gets an Old Bike Barn grab bag full of goodies. We will announce the winner tomorrow at noon in our stories feed. Let's hear it! 📷@egobagus_k  @wbikekustom #captionthis #vintageisbetter #oldbikebarnGuys, flash sale is still happening! Get 25% off all Harem gear with code HAREM25 and 40% off all vintage with code VINTAGE40 at checkout. Link to shop in bio #HaremRenaissanceEMPLOYING MY TRADEMARK OPTIMISM.New year new me? Nah. Same old G ✨If you get confused just listen to the music playI hate cops ✌️☯️🌼🌸😊Or just for funOAKLAND!! I’ll be  @templetattoo13 January 10-12th. Email hfw.tattoos@gmail to set something up❤️file under #MildlyCollectible / as seen on the #ProMogulTour#SkateDate #DailyHBpierPhotocould be #EggNog thoIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas #cosplaybikers #chopcultFlash from the wall on the best Andrea @__n_d_r__ 
Healed 🕸from a while back •Josh Marlowe Ocean City MD in the 80s. 📷 maybe Rick Charnoski.
Some people wonder why most older skaters are against the olympics and other jock shit in skating. I mean if you were born in 1980 you were 15 when the X Games started. So it's been almost 25 years that Mountain Dew and nike have been putting a version of skateboarding on TV. It would be hard to imagine what it was like when it was underground and generally disliked by society. So I guess I can't blame younger people for not getting it. Anyway I personally preferred being out of the public's view. We do have more/better parks now but there's tons of private and secret spots that are rad. Sick of typing bye.The reep creep has arrived!!!! These prints turned out way sicker than I could have imagined!!! Huge thanks to @risolve for making it happen. They’re live in the shop now but if you’re feelin lucky @moldiegoldies is doing a giveaway!!! 11x14 inches guaranteed to satisfy!!!group photo @oscarputdowntheknife @santamonicaairlines #thankyouskateboardingSaw this rad gorf poster while browsing a headshop in a dream. 🧡✌️😴👃😴🧡During alcohol prohibition, the brewing and transportation was prohibited. Moonshiners often brewed their moonshine in the middle of forests or meadows as to avoid detection. These “cow shoes” were often worn by moonshiners as to disguise their footprints. The idea behind this invention was that if law enforcement saw shoe prints in a forest or meadow they would think nothing of it and not investigate.

Here’s my Hanukkah present I got for my mom, based on a drawing/painting I did of myself that she loved. @ginaoxbowglass did an absolutely mind blowing job on this one. Follow her to see all of her amazing stained glass and sign painting and swipe left to see my original it was based on. She nailed it.Bad boi clubAlmost forgot about brunch🗣🤦🏼‍♀️🍾🐍FLOATING BECKY 🤝NOW AVAILABLE, and piling under a tree near you.🎄🎁🕎 floatyourtroblesaway for the holidays with kick back Becky.

Feeling those festive vibes at @prismsupply_tattoo flash sheet for the shop. New designs every day. @popstattooshopHappy birthday Cards!!!!! @johncardiel fire burns deep!!!! Have a good one brotha #allhailHome Girls@arizona_classic_tattoo_coSome epic @skull_skates softgoods just hit the shop! 💀 Knit sweaters, hoodies, work shirts, trooper hats, beanies, scarfs and more, all available now in the shop and on our website. Swipe to get a closer look. Click the link in our bio and grab some before it’s gone! 🇨🇦 #skullskates #socalskateshopMeet the Bob’s .. Street and Fat @unknownindustries #sandiegocustoms #sscycle #unknownindustries #hotdogkustoms #schultzdesignz #harleydavidson #unknownfamily #harleywheelies #horsepowerinc #odcsuspension #feulingparts #hardcaseperformance #chd #performancemachine #saddlemen #pitbull #pitbullsofinstagram #bassani #softail #fxrfriday📸@waves_tubes_freaks gettin da clip of me today! @waves_tubes_freaks has some of the best lens work I’ve seen! Do yourself a favor and give @waves_tubes_freaks a follow!! #yeeww #sopitted #poncharello #outthere #isarf #noproblem #supportyourlocalkook #stylemaster #surfingsucksdonttryit #kookoftheday #kookland #kooksrus #lakook #wereallkooksinourownway #dependingonthedayyouorme #hateitloveitscrubitThe dark era of custom motorcycling.. Virago, Excalibur, Red Rose, Chopper Fantic. Don’t deny your past🗿 #yamahavirago #motomoriniexcalibur #apriliaredrose #fanticchopperInk drawing of @gavinbeschen808 for the @volcom art show that was on tonight at the pipe house.Gavin has always been one of the most inspiring surfers on the planet,the wave I referenced this off was way bigger in real life from an iconic photo by @chroniclesofchristieI pulled a squeegee for the first time in years thanks to the wise and benevolent instruction of @natswope thank you so much. I had a blast and gained an even greater admiration and respect for all of you screen printers out there. Day one was incredibly inspiring and lit a fire under me to create more print editions from hand painted acetates. Stay tuned for more print projects and as always, I appreciate each and every one of you for looking.🦆 Party like it’s 1985! @madridskateboards Mike Smith Duck re-issue now in stock! This Pig shape measures in at 10.75” x 31” w/ 17” WB and pressed on the original molds in Huntington Beach, CA. Front and back wheel wells, new school bolt pattern, with art by @lucero_rip in a never before released yellow dip colorway. 💛 Grab one now from our website or come by the shop and pick one up today. We are open until 7pm. #madridskateboards #mikesmith #johnlucero #socalskateshop #missionviejoYes, we have Summerland 💓 @horsebreath87 📸 @neostianDo you suffer from pissweak paddle syndrome? Or perhaps a crippling case of barrel dodge disorder? Then look no further than the all new HAND DRAG 1mm Webbed Gloves. Add that extra grunt to your stroke or double arm bar these badboys to max out tube time & win back some respect in your local lineup. Featuring 1mm neoprene backing. Backed by Schaps herself, they feature unique Dragskin Reptilian Shapeshifter palm technology for unrivalled cylindrical vortex traction. Barbed wire & fire breathing skull logowork + tipless open fingers to make your presence felt in any lineup. Available now, lynx in bio@f1rstoftheroll Panament Springs CaHorsin’ around. Thanks Luke!Soulland meets Mister Green, now in store. Online this weekend 🙏 #soullandmeetsmistergreen #soulland #mistergreen@stussy @flipskateboards limited amount on 📷@Mrzzz 📷@mmmsherbertPortrait of grandad 👴🏻from last week. DM or e-mail for an appointmentOpen buffet a few days ago from @newmanfilm.Photo~ @duncanm @billabongwomens#KeepOnKeepingOn 🐌Gonz x Guadalupe L/SGonz x GuadalupeGonz x GuadalupeGonz x Guadalupe#☝🏼#puffpuff patch ‘em upNew designs available, dm or email to make your appointment for the end of December or 2019#battail #cutthroat #tofastforsatan #gnech #vampiratesurfboards #futures #black #surfing #summer #fun #custom ⚡️A broken clock is right twice a dayOne for @pinosrestaurant todaybig 14 @smithstreettattooparlourKMETNew works of @irvine69 from a group show he curated in Melbourne this weekend, viewing details over in jacks feed #MADMINDSCustom #DIAMONDDANCER3 #MADMINDSJesus Died so We can Ridenew stuffff by @truthlizard :))))@arizona_classic_tattoo_co I have the rest of the day available until 8!😎🤙🏼New designs every week! Dm/e-mail if you want to see my flashbook or want to make an appointment for 2019

@b3n_z0mbie Blesses this NYC kinker w/ an over the top 5050. See more from Ben, @berlehaggard, Aidan Mackey, & @hotelrwanda in @williamstrobeck’s latest opus for @supremenewyork by downloading “Blessed” on an @itunes near you. For B & W options of your favorite Vans hit a preferred skate shop or go to (Link in story). . 📷: @mmmsherbertZeis production sheet from our collection. I believe these designs were originally done by Grimshaw. #tattoohistory8.5x11 $175💀💨Since we’re all back at work today. Here’s some FXRTs to look at to keep you motivated till Friday. #fxrt #fxrtfairing #bornfree2018 #mondaymotivationButtons in a Rip Curl ad, holding the similar style board he was riding in the Malibu surf footage posted a while back. I believeyou know who you are #sketchbookThe original Roach Broach from Fartco (aka The Cockbroach). Made exclusively for our trip the to the @mooneyesjp Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show. Very limited supplies. Disgust everyone around you after pinning this little guy to your jacket!!! #fartco #roachbroach #cockbroach #hrcs2018 #lapelpinThree older signs posted today that narrate my opinions toward unfolding news.Image result for BLACK angels passoverPlease do not...@DEATHTRAITORS X @MUDDGUTS SCARVES! VERY warm... Tap the pic to buy or visit (link in profile))@liberty_tattoo_seattle11”x14” ready for tattooing“WITH BLEEDING INSIDE THE HEAD THERE IS A METALLIC TASTE AT THE BACK OF THE THROAT” -Jenny Holzer #BALLPOINT #RUBBER #XPRESSWeirdo stuff I still wanna do. Goodnight! 👉 if you’d like to come@by @tattoo_like_a_dreamalways stoked to work with @foundationskateboards and these freakshow boards were a fuckin blast. Happy to hear they’re being spotted in the wildThat one time we showed up unannounced 😀 Never knew the house was maroon just black and white